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Ring and Accessory Care

Titanium and stainless steel, like all jewelry metals, will acquire surface scratches or scuffs during everyday wear. Scratches will be particularly evident in new high polished jewelry, but as the piece is worn, it will develop a natural, even satin patina over the entire surface.

To increase the longevity of a high polished piece, protect it by removing it during activities that may subject it to abrasion or hard knocks.


Ring and Accessory Cleaning

All of our titanium and stainless steel rings and accessories may be washed with liquid dish soap to remove any dirt or grime. After rinsing, spray and wipe with an ammonia glass cleaner, like Windex. Rinse in water again and dry with a soft towel. Ultrasonic cleaners used by jewelry stores are also safe for our jewelry.


Ring and Accessory Polishing and Protection

Occasionally applying a hand polishing compound, like Flitz, will help to polish and prevent minor scratches in the metal and wood finish. To best protect the wood inlay's finish, apply a wood finishing wax or paste, like Minwax, after cleaning and polishing.


Lifetime Warranty 

Should your wood inlay become damaged, regardless of fault, we will repair or replace it for free. Whether you're an avid surfer, professional rock climber, wash dishes for a living or simply drop it down the garbage disposal (this has happened), we will refurbish your item's wood inlay at no charge. Visit our Warranty page.

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