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     Since 2004 we have created over a thousand rings for customers all over the globe.

     We take pride in our environmentally friendly approach to making our products. We use only responsibly sourced woods, reclaimed lumber or woodworking scraps for our wood inlays. We utilize a state of the art, eco-friendly wood finishing system with low VOC resins and our titanium bands yield substantially less waste in production compared to traditional methods. In addition, we generously donate to a variety of environmental organizations with the common goal of creating a more sustainable Hawai'i and healthier planet.

     As a small family owned and operated business, we are committed to quality and customer satisfaction. We offer a lifetime warranty on all products.

 So who are we?...

 Ché Garcia CEO- Chief of Entrepreneurial Operations

     Originally from Ashland, Oregon, Ché moved to the Big Island in 2003 and immediately found work as a carpenter. Within weeks he fell in love with the islands, its native woods and a woman who would later become his wife. It was these three events that inspired the creation of a Hawaiian Koa wood inlaid ring. Being an avid waterman and surf photographer, Ché spent a lot of time in the ocean and wanted a unique ring that was not only comfortable, water proof and durable but represented his new home, love for woodwork and his Hawaiian born wife. At the time, a durable wood inlaid ring designed for daily wear in the ocean did not exist. Determined to create such a ring, Ché utilized his woodworking skills and developed the rings we offer today. Ché and his wife now spend their time back and forth between Hawai'i and Oregon, developing new jewelry pieces and raising their two young children.


Tiffany Garcia CFO- Chief of Family Operations

     Tiffany was born in the small coffee farming, artist's community of Holualoa, Hawai'i. Her father is one of the original charter fisherman out of Honokhau Harbor having fished Kona's waters since the early '70's. After graduating university in California, Tiffany returned to the Big Island where she and Ché met.


Esmé Garcia COO- Chief Office Organizer

     Esmé was born in Waimea, Hawai'i in 2008. A close native Hawaiian friend gave her the middle name of "Kala'ikunakoa" meaning "the peace that stands among the Koa trees". Aside from days at the beach exploring for turtles, foraging for Guava and spending time at the harbor with her grandfather, Esmé enjoys "organizing" our office.


Roan Garcia COR- Chief Office Reorganizer

     Born in 2010 in Waimea, Hawai'i, Roan takes after his sister with the desire to "help" around the office. His specialty is the reorganization of anything previously organized by his sister. Luckily he is easily distracted by a pile of dirt, bugs or his favorite past-time, rolling Lilikoi (passion fruit) down the driveway.


 Isaac Garcia COF- Chief of Order Fulfillment

     Isaac, Ché's younger brother, lends a hand with filling orders, shipping and handling and various tasks associated with our mainland studio in Bend, Oregon.








Holualoa, Hi United States (808) 333-5660